I AM KARACHI brings the Second IAK Talks to IBA.

Posted May 25th, 2017 by ubaid parsa 
Karachi: I AM KARACHI (IAK) invited the intelligentsia of Karachi to attend the second edition of the IAK Talks at the JS Auditorium, IBA, City Campus. This Thursday marked the much awaited return of the IAK Talks with a brand new collection of speakers. 
The IAK Talks is a series of Talks by people from all walks of life, success stories that faced great adversity and withstood all tests. It was received with great excitement by the attendees at the JS Auditorium who responded to the aim of the talks; for the citizens of Karachi to reach above and beyond the adversities that they face. The speakers used personal life stories and their relationship with Karachi in an effort to motivate and mobilize the intelligentsia, the crème de la crème of Karachi that was in attendance.   

The event was kicked off once again by Anoushey Ashraf, renowned television presenter and host, who in turn introduced each of the five speakers. The overarching theme for the Talks was Standing Tall Against The Odds, a subject that each speaker felt close to; a subject that the IAK Team and the speakers want people to take inspiration from. The five speakers were from varied walks of life but all, in their own respects, have battled against great hardships to get to where they are now.

Imran Momina, also recognized as Immu is a founding member of the Pakistani band Fuzon. Imran Momina is a multi-dimensional pianist and a composer, who has been playing since the age of 13. His style for arranging his own music and testing with melodies made him set up his own recording and mixing studio and is where Fuzon’s recording sessions occur. 

Also on the speaking panel was Zoe Viccaji, a Pakistani singer-songwriter and musical actress from Karachi. She began her career as a backing vocalist at Coke Studio and later became a lead singer. Zoe has released one studio album which has received numerous accolades.

Fashion Industry Icon Deepak Perwani also took time out to share his story. A Pakistani fashion designer and actor he is at the epitome of the designer world in this country.

An icon for the youth of Pakistan, Adnan Malik is a Pakistani television actor, model, documentary filmmaker, video and music video producer, commercial and music video director, Visual storyteller and former VJ. A man with many talents, Adnan took to the stage to wow the crowd.

Last but not the least, Shaniera Akram, wife of former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram. She is the CEO of the Akram Foundation and is currently working on different initiatives for Karachi, with special focus on road safety and orphans. She has previously worked with the Zindagi Trust recently with IAK on a Safety awareness campaign for the city Karachi.                                                                                

The subject matter of the evening, Standing Tall Against The Odds, was chosen to inculcate in the listeners the drive to withstand pressure and adversity with determination. It was well received by the audience in attendance, and the Q&A session at the end of each speakers talk was a clear indicator of the interest expressed by the attendees. 

IBA continued its tradition of partnering with socially aware organizations to propagate a message driven by the pursuit of excellence led by the change makers of our society. This being the third time IBA has opened its premises for IAK, the second IAK Talks proved to be an even greater success than its predecessor. The evening was brought to a close by Anoushey signing off for the guests to proceed to the dinner.

“We’ve come a long way from where we were nearly a year ago and it has all been made possible because of the support that was lent to us by the people of Karachi. Initiatives like the IAK Talks derive their importance from the willingness of the people of Karachi to survive, evolve and succeed. I AM KARACHI is an embodiment of that very spirit”, Ambareen Main Thompson, Executive Director, I AM KARACHI.


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